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AIS Proprietor - TAFE Statement (168-10212)
Course brochure: Click here for a PDF copy of the course Print/Download PDF    Click here to e-mail me the course details e-Mail me
Career area: Automotive 
Study area: Automotive Engineering 
  Non Nationally Recognised Training
Location  Attendance  Duration  Commencing  Attendance days 
Wollongong  Flexible  1 Week 1-Nov-2018   
Description: This course is designed for people who are in control of a motor vehicle inspection station authorised under the Authorised Inspection Scheme (AIS) program administered by Roads and Maritime Services of NSW. You might be a business owner, workshop manager or supervisor, etc., however anyone with approval to receive training for the Proprietor authority can enrol to gain this qualification.

Successful completion of the course will enable you to hold the Proprietor and Proprietor Nominee authority and applies to inspection stations that are accredited as Authorised Safety Check Inspection Scheme (ASCIS), Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme (AUVIS), Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Scheme (HVAIS) and Authorised Gas Inspection Scheme (AGIS) as well as those authorised for Crane and Fleet inspections.

An Authorised Proprietor does not carry out inspection of vehicles or issue inspection certificates. The Authorised Proprietor is responsible for the compliant operation of the authorised inspection station, observing all of the Business Rules for Authorised Proprietors and Examiners 2016 and supervises the activities of Authorised Examiners under their control.

There is no class attendance required to complete this course. The course is delivered by distance learning pack and is managed from Wollongong, NSW. Once enrolled, we will send you a student workbook, assessment quiz and statutory declaration. You are required to return the quiz and statutory declaration for assessment to the details provided in the student workbook. 
Entry requirements: You must have a current APPROVAL FOR TRAINING letter with PROPRIETOR listed in the Eligibility section BEFORE enrolling in this course.

To apply for or extend an APPROVAL FOR TRAINING letter, follow this link:
http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/about/forms/45071547-authorisation-as-a-proprietor.pdf or call RMS Enrolment Processing on 1300 791 186.

When you have your current APPROVAL FOR TRAINING letter issued by Roads and Maritime Services you must scan the letter as a PDF and email it to: aisenquiry@tafensw.edu.au

Your enrolment will be confirmed when TAFE NSW confirms receipt of your APPROVAL FOR TRAINING letter and payment of course fees in full. 
Support for students: TAFE NSW has a range of support services available including support for students with disabilities, extensive library and information services, career advice and counselling, children's centres and support for multicultural or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. No matter what your circumstances are, TAFE NSW can assist you in many ways. 
Course availability
Location: Wollongong
Location brochure: Click here for a PDF copy of the course at Wollongong Print/Download PDF    Click here to e-mail me the course details e-Mail me
Offering name: TAFE Statement in AIS Proprietor 
Offering code: 18WLG-122 
Attendance mode: Flexible 
Study mode: Course-Mixed Mode 
Duration: 1 Week
Scheduled attendance: No attendance is required. This course is delivered via a distance learning package. 
Hours per week: 10 
Starting from: 1-Nov-2018 
About: This course is delivered via distance learning package. No class attendance required. Estimated time to complete the course: 10 hours over 1 week. This course is coordinated at TAFE NSW Wollongong.

A course pack containing a workbook, assessment quiz and statutory declaration will be sent to you. The workbook covers legal and compliance requirements and responsibilities of the Proprietor role within the Authorised Inspection Scheme. An assessment quiz and statutory declaration need to be completed and returned for marking to complete the course.

You are entitled to two attempts to pass. If you don’t submit the quiz or if you fail the second attempt, the course is deemed complete with a fail result.
Course fees: $370
Fee explanatory text: This training is not subsidised by Government funding. There are no fee exemptions, concessions or subsidies available for this course.

Where fee for service is being sponsored by an employer or third party organisation an official purchase order or contract arrangement must be in place to activate the student’s enrolment.

Payment of the course fee must be made PRIOR to commencement of a learning activity.
Comments: No attendance required. This is a distance course. You will be sent a student pack. Please complete and return the Quiz and Statutory Declaration only and keep the book.

CANCELLATION requests must be made in writing and sent to:

For help, please call 131 601 
Contact: For further information contact Customer Service Centre Information on 131 601